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We-media Video Operation

We own Facebook Fan Operation, Media Video Production, Putting Internet ProductsInto Overseas Market and The All-around Operation of We-media Video

Facebook Fan Operation: Our company posits brand image, and specializes in highly horizontal fan operation. We posits users systerm precisely,totally develops potential value of community, develops users' daily PV,and activates the whole ecological systerm. Media Video Production: From recoding to editing,we provide the whole media video packaging scheme.We integrate huge traffic resources to make the media publicity yield twice the result with half the effort. Putting Internet Products into Overseas Market:From ID sited, page design, information construction, distribution of permissions to integration of operation and public opinion monitor,we create the integral social contact ecological systerm products to produce a perfect ecological systerm for Putting internet products into overseas market.

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We own some games :Puzzles of the State,Love Songs of the State,Jump of the State, Divination of the State and Shooter of the State, which rank the lead in the international games.

Puzzles of the State

Puzzles of the State is basically guessing puzzles and brain twisters, adapting level choice to answer the questions, which would develop the left side of the brain.

Over 10 million downloads worldwide

Love Songs of the State

Love Songs of the State is to guess the name of songs as quickly as possible within a given time.

Over 10 million downloads worldwide

Jump of the State

Jump of the State is the most fashionable mobile game.The playing method is very easy, you just press,release,press,release again,you would enjoy it.

Divination of the State

Divination of the State show up !Aquarius? Scorpio? Pisces? Let's enjoy the sparks by the collision between different constellations.You can not stop once you play it!

Shooter of the State

Shooter of the State is a kind of very fashionable shooting game,exciting scene and amazing special effect, which give you all-round shocking feeling and provied you...


Including five big programas, they are original singer,cover version,sound mixing,Live and music mixing,and some small programas,which constantly meet the different need of music lovers.


atMUSIC is developed for music lovers.Depending on the strong sense of mission to the internet,we apply the most advanced internet technology, and enhance the exploration of music,in which music lovers can dig deeply what they love.

Over 10 million downloads worldwide



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Nothing Technology Inc.is an international soft outsourcing service company which specializes on soft development,internet application and IT talents service.We focus on being the most professional soft outsourcing service provider,for global enterprise and public institution to provide high-quality enterprise CRM,OA,ERP,B2B and some outsourcing services of systermatical software development.And provide software talent dispatch service oriented by "talent supply chain", Including software development, system integration, software testing, enterprise application platform construction and Maintenance, IT service outsourcing, business process outsourcing, etc. Adhering to "fine service"concept, through our software outsourcing services to promote the innovation of the industries development and win-win, and integrate the advantages of educational group resources. To make synchronous development in some aspects of software development, IT personnel training, employee dispatching service project practice, and college students practice platform construction.With more perfect service, we provide enterprises with the software project, human resources solutions to meet different industries in the field of software outsourcing and IT professionals demand. NothingTech Inc.and many well-known enterprises which are in the same industry to maintain a long-term stable talent relations...